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September 11th

Mu and Joana.That's your opinion and of course you're fully entitled to it.
Personally, though, I'm not a great fan of nationalism in any shape or form and if I can,I always leave town if La Diada or even La Merce falls around the weekend.

Phil more than 4 years ago

September 11th

@Phil, it will never be overshadowed by the Americans, 9/11! It's two different perspectives, and in Catalunya it's Focused on Catalan culture and language!

Mu more than 4 years ago

11th september

overshadowed by whom? we, catalans, have celebrated our national day on this date for much longer than the conmemoration of 9/11's been going on. hellooooo, you're in catalonia... and we have a history...

joana more than 4 years ago

11th September

Surely for now(and the foreseable future)this day will always be overshadowed by 9/11?

Phil more than 4 years ago

11th Septembers

The link is posted is incorrect... is correct

Jennifer more than 7 years ago

11th September

I have experienced the great feeling of shared pride and history a couple of times now and find it a really powerful and invigorating day. As an English visitor, I am struck by the lack of similar days in England and feel we are the poorer for it

Pat Rorke more than 7 years ago

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