Tastings: Spotlight on Xarel·lo

This month, Miquel Hudin takes a look at Xarel.lo, a white grape widely planted in Catalunya. more »


This production reinterprets some of Shakespeare's greatest love stories. more »


Streetlife: Blai

Lying at the foot of Montjuïc, this street offers tapas aplenty. more »

Sep 1, 2015 3:09 PM FEATURES

Photo by Jordi Farrera

Barcelona Falcons

You may be forgiven for mistaking them for castellers, but the human pyramids formed by the falcons have their own unique style and history. more »

Sep 1, 2015 5:09 PM FEATURES

Artist Federico Garcia Trujillo takes another look at Rocío, the controversial documentary directed by Fernando Ruiz Vergara. more »

Perfect for like-minded entrepreneurs in Barcelona... more »

Exploring the spaces that define our existence is at the core of this exhibition that lends its name from a book by Georges Perec. more »

Play to the Gallery: Outdoor Art

The streets of Barcelona are like an open-air museum in many ways. Clare Sheppard takes us on a guided tour of some of the city’s most intriguing sculptures. more »

Sep 1, 2015 3:07 PM FEATURES

This exhibition takes a journey through the history of Catalan art. more »

  • Barcelona's best coworking spaces

    Freelancers and small companies are spoiled for choice when it comes to coworking spaces in Barcelona. There’s really something for everyone here, from cosy to funky, eco-friendly to industrial. Here are some of our favourite places to get to work. more »

  • Barcelona's best tapas bars

    There are dozens of places to get your fill of tapas in Barcelona, from 100-year old eateries and market stalls that serve up top-notch classic tapas, to gourmet bars where every dish is a creative feat. Here are some of our favourites. more »

  • The 15 best burgers in Barcelona

    Fancy a burger? There's no need to settle for less than gourmet in Barcelona. Here are our 15 favourite places to sink our teeth into a juicy burger.. Don't see your favourite? Just let us know in the comments box. more »


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