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  • Hi Alex, thanks for your note. If you had read the article thoroughly, you'd realize that Shay is a...

    Sam | Emerging From the Fog: Real Estate in Barcelona

  • Amanuel, did you ever find a solution? I have same problem but next door. Bar plays until 2am, ever...

    Rami | Sound bites

  • We looking for bloggers from China for magazine in Barcelona about luxury in China. Interested? con...

    Bernadet Bijsterbosch | Chinese-Catalans

  • Anyone know if it's possible to make an apointment for nie that is NOT published on the web? I need...

    Peter | Obtaining a NIE in Barcelona

  • I live near Can Dende and have visited several times but I don't bother going anymore. Iit looks cu...

    Dave | New In Town: Can Dendê

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