Hannah Pennell

Refugi Antiaeri 307 interior

Photo courtesy of Biblioteca MUHBA.

Air raid shelters like Refugi 307 helped protect people from the 194 total air raids carried out over the city during the Spanish Civil War. more


The autumn months see a lot to celebrate in Barcelona, with no less than six public holidays on the calendar more


The autumn months see Catalans doing some serious eating more


Barcelona's parks are not as verdant as in some other cities but are a good place to enjoy the warmth of spring. more


Gandules 2012

Image courtesy of CCCB

The CCCB presents a new edition of Gandules, its high-brow take on the open-air cinema experience that is now in its 10th year more



Photo by Hannah Collins

British photographer Hannah Collins embarked on a global voyage to capture the stories behind some of the key ingredients used by Catalan chef Ferran Adrià more


The open-air cinema extravaganza Sala Montjuïc is celebrating its first decade and we asked the festival’s two directors whether they had expected the success of the event, how they choose their films and about plans for the future. more


Pablo Román, leader of Granada group Elastic Band, answered our questions ahead of their show at Sidecar this month more

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Marc Collins, one of the men behind Nouvelle Vague, answers our questions about their new show, sexy men and future plans more


CCCB's free film festival kicks off in August with a challenging programme of flicks more


Outlet shopping

Photo by Melanie Aronson

Outlet shopping is a good alternative to battling the crowds at the January sales more

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Isabel Coixet

Photo by Lee Woolcock

From the archive: In 2008, we spoke to Isabel Coixet, one of Spain’s leading film directors more


Perpignan - Town hall with Maillol statue

Photo by David Murano

From the archive: Less than two hours' drive from Barcelona, Perpignan combines the best of France and Catalunya more


Terrassa's mixed genre festival opens at the end of September more


Race Relations

Image by Rafa Rayes Lopez

From the archive: What Spaniards think of as just good, clean fun may seem overtly racist to people from the UK or the US more

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Child catalan flag

Photo by Patricia Esteve

From the archive: Back in 2008, we found out why Catalunya celebrates September 11th more

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Blogging in Barcelona is on the rise more

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Surviving August 2010

Illustration by Kat Cameron

It’s too hot. Here are some ideas to help you get through the next 31 days more

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The summer festival Grec opens its doors on June 13th and runs until August with music, theatre and dance; something for everyone more


We speak to three workers whose working day starts long after most people’s have finished more