Pre-20th century

During the Industrial Revolution, low wages and bad living conditions forced some families to leave their children at the orphanage. more


Catch a glimpse of our prehistoric past with these ancient cave paintings. more



Photo by Carol Moran.

Follow the Roman Via Augusta and discover the historical treasures that span Catalunya. more


This 16th-century historic wall can now be seen up close and personal. more

In the City

Recent excavations at the Maritime Museum have cast a new light on the building’s past and uncovered more of the city’s Roman heritage. more


Take a trip around some of the emblematic 18th-century sites of Barcelona more


Sant Andreu parish church

Photo courtesy of Centre d’Estudis Ignasi Iglésias.

Sant Andreu is today a peaceful area of Barcelona, but its past is filled with conflict and rebellion. more


Barcelona’s faded scar of terror, blame, and death. more



Photo by Tashoma Lemard

The modern submarine was created by a Catalan socialist. more


Carrer Marlet

Photo by Mónica Navarro

Once at the heart of Catalan intellectual and economic life, the Jewish population of medieval Barcelona became a target for kings and commoners alike more


Plaça del Rei

Photo by Mónica Navarro

Take a trip through Barcelona’s past with stories and customs from the city’s old town. more


Dr Farreras i Framis tomb

Photo by Amanda August

They can send a shiver down your spine but cemeteries also reveal much about a city’s history and its people more


El Fossar de les Moreres

Photo by Iseult Larkin

Discover key Catalan landmarks and find out how September 11th (the National Day of Catalunya) is remembered more

Things To Do

We all know about Ildefons Cerdà’s Eixample design, but other plans including a metro system, electric clocks at every crossroads and large-scale sewers were ignored by authorities more


Child catalan flag

Photo by Patricia Esteve

From the archive: Back in 2008, we found out why Catalunya celebrates September 11th more

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