Detail of a miniature of witches being burnt and tortured, from "Chroniques de France ou de St Denis," 1332-1350. Image courtesy of the British Library.

Witches and wizards, healers and sorcerers: Héctor Cols relates the complicated and tumultuous history of witchcraft in Europe and its persecution in Catalunya. Read more


Protecting Barcelona precious urban plan is one of the main issues the city faces today. So to assess Barcelona’s present, we must look to how it is maintaining it’s past. Read more


18th cen Port-de-Barcelona,-gravat-francès-del-segle-xviii.-Desconegut---Josep-L.-Roig-Historia-de-Barcelona,-Ed.-Primera-Plana-S.A.jpg

18th Century French engraving of Barcelona Port published in Historia de Barcelona by Josep L. Roig.

In the first of a trilogy on Barcelona’s fascinating urban plan, we take a look at an online tool which lets you view Barna’s history through a series of interactive maps; the insight it gives you into the city’s past is truly remarkable. Read more


Did you know Thomas Aquinas deemed eating breakfast was a sin? Then In 1662 the Catholic Church revised its position. Why? Chocolate! Read more


On June 18th Barcelona will commemorate George Orwell and his efforts to quell social injustice. Read more


Sant Andreu parish church

Photo courtesy of Centre d’Estudis Ignasi Iglésias.

Sant Andreu is today a peaceful area of Barcelona, but its past is filled with conflict and rebellion. Read more



Artur Bladé

The magic of the Ribera d’Ebre comes alive in the journals of a Catalan exile during the Spanish Civil War. Read more



Catedral de Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia. Pjhoto by Pierre Gronau (Wikimedia).

Long before her name became associated with a 175-year-old Barcelona-based fashion brand, Santa Eulàlia was widely known as young Christian martyr. Read more



Caga tiós. Photo by Joan C.G.

Two reasons why Christmas in Catalunya is the sh*t Read more



Map of the Call de Barcelona. Photo by Pere López.

Small numbers of Jews may have arrived in Barcelona soon after 70 C.E. as part of the wave of migrants arriving in Europe fleeing Roman repression in Palestine. They settled in what became known as El Call. Read more


261-five things chestnuts.jpg

Illustration by Tara Shain

There are a few delicious autumn treats that take center stage in Catalunya, especially during the Tots Sants celebrations (All Saints’ Day) on October 31st. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to enjoy them. Read more

Things To Do

Santa Maria del Pi

Photo by Alessandro Cani.

Behind Barcelona's real history of buildings and kings, there is another secret city of legends and myths. Read more


Refugi Antiaeri 307 interior

Photo courtesy of Biblioteca MUHBA.

Air raid shelters like Refugi 307 helped protect people from the 194 total air raids carried out over the city during the Spanish Civil War. Read more


259. Carmen Amaya 01

Illustration by Tara Shain

Carmen Amaya, a flamenco legend born in the the seafront shantytown of Somorrostro in Barcelona. Read more


Reial Monestir de Santa Maria de Poblet

Photo by Mattana

This picturesque route—a 105 kilometer, circular section of the GR 175 hiking trail—takes you through rural countryside and ancient villages against a backdrop of the soaring Prades Mountains. Read more


Entrada and Salida signs in Barcleona

Photo by Tara Shain

Usually found on the corners of buildings and placed at a height of over two metres, these plaques remind us of a time when traffic control was quite a hectic proposal. Read more


A mysterious shipwreck figurehead that became a local legend. Read more



Photo by Marie Martin.

The mysterious disappearance of Andreu Nin. Read more


Igualada cemetery_willshank1.jpg

Photo by Will Shank

Designed by Enric Miralles and Carme Pinós, the Cemeteri Nou in Igualada is a site of architectural pilgrimage. Read more


Gaudí’s proposed redemption for the ‘City of Bombs’. Read more


  • Casa-Rural-con-Encanto-Lleida-5-700x500.jpg
  • Miqvé de Besalú

    Photo by Raimer.

    Miqvé de Besalú

    Miqvé de Besalú.

  • Refugi Antiaeri 307, interior

    Photo courtesy of Biblioteca MUHBA.

    Refugi Antiaeri 307, interior

  • Refugi Antiaeri 307 interior

    Photo courtesy of Biblioteca MUHBA.

    Refugi Antiaeri 307 interior

  • 259. Carmen Amaya portrait 02

    Illustration by Tara Shain

    259. Carmen Amaya portrait 02

  • 259. Carmen Amaya 03

    Illustration by Tara Shain

    259. Carmen Amaya 03

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