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Racism in Spain

As a Black male who lived in Spain the fact of the matter is that there are many things to develop in the fight against racism in Spain which Spain hasn't got as of yet. There are categories for hate crime in the USA and the UK; whereas Spain although pressured by the international community and NGO's refuses to do so citing that there is no reason to do so. However harassment of blacks; no matter what their nationality or class is, continue to be harassed, beaten and raped. There are no numbers to put to the issue if no one records it. Therefore it can be and is stated that there is not much of a problem of race in Spain. As to the rates of adoption, you'll actually find that the rate per capita is larger anywhere in the US as opposed to Spain. Also in Spain no one takes into account the racial mindset of the parents. For example my ex-mother in-law was Valencian and had no problem with her daughter having a black child, but the woman was a racist. She did not see black people as having the same level of intellect, history, culture or capability to acquire such status. As much as people would like to adopt children of other races; some people are denied because they are not truly racially neutral. Do you really want someone who thinks that way to raise a black child? I have seen children of other races in Spain treated different and horrendously by their adoptive families and by teachers to the point where the children not knowing better insult their own race. Latin America is filled with people who are of mixed heritage but for some reason many deny any african heritage even when it is obvious because the Spanish side of their culture has taught them to do so and furthermore look at how Latinos are treated in Spain. At least people in the UK and the US have enough knowledge and are aware enough to be able to play the "politically correct" role, however, Spaniards and Catalans (who are also Spaniards as well; you don't see the divide and conquer nature of the society?) are in total denial. You cannot address a problem until you admit that there is an issue. The US and UK at least admit that there is an issue and things are changing. As a Black American who lived in Spain for 7 years, married a Spanish woman, lived, worked and speaks both Spanish and Valenciano, problem integrating into society other than the Spanish being utterly racist; causing me the loss of jobs, issues in housing, healthcare, education, both police and public harassment, I will throw that stone.
And for those who keep citing that there are no "ghettos" in Spain or other parts of Europe for people of different nationalities, ethnicities or races; there may not be as impoverished areas, however there are areas which are always known for being occupied by one group of people more than another. In Spain when searching for housing it becomes very obvious that certain groups of people aren't wanted in certain areas & results in people predominantly living in an area.

Rich more than 4 years ago

Race Relations

As a black American living in Spain I find this article bais. As you know very well racism still has not been dealt with in the US, Britian etc. People in both countries pretend and when it comes to race realtion they are politically correct. I have seen more Spainards and Catalans adopt blacks kids, which is a rare sight in the USA. So please stop throwing stone

Concern more than 6 years ago

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