Photo courtesy of GabsAway.

Gabriela Nivela founded the meal sharing conversations GabsAway in an attempt to recreate the fascinating, frank conversation she remembers from her childhood. We took her for coffee to learn what it’s all about. Read more



Syrians and Iraqi refugees arrive at Skala Sykamias, Lesvos, Greece, October 2015. Photo by Ggia (CC BY SA 4.0).

Ahead of a new series on issues related to migration in Barcelona, we contextualize the refugee crisis which has gripped Europe since 2015, looking at how Spain became one of the continent’s new frontiers for migrants crossing the Mediterranean. Read more

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Joshua Surowitz, immigration attorney.

We sat down with Josh Surowitz, a U.S. attorney who specializes in immigration to the United States, to find out about all the latest developments in obtaining that sought after visa. Read more

Business & Working

An American expat shares his experience acquiring and renewing the commonly called “retirement visa” in Spain. Read more

Settling In

Barcelona falls short in its plan to welcome over 9.000 refugees to the city. Read more

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Photo by Sam Zucker

A look at the history and culture of Barcelona's Pakistani community. Read more


Barcelona lends a hand in Europe’s greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War. Read more


They risked their lives to get here. But their long, hard journey is nowhere near over. Read more

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