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Serial entrepreneur and secondhand marketplace expert Miquel Mascort identified a business opportunity a few years ago while trying to figure out what to do with used but still valuable clothes and accessories in his closet. The result is Wongo. more

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A day in the life: Ian Gibbs

Photo courtesy of Ian Gibbs.

53-year-old Ian Gibbs came from Sheffield to Barcelona in 1990 as an English teacher. He’s now an author, speaker, coach and owner of IPA Productions, an educational theater company. Gibbs lives in Collserola and works in La Teixonera. more

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Modern day founders are forced to innovate constantly in order to keep up with these latest trends. more


Charles Webb

Photo courtesy of Charles Webb.

Charles (aka “Chef CW”) has lived in nine countries, speaks four languages and has worked in some of the world’s greatest restaurants, including Noma. Currently, he splits time between his native Chicago and Barcelona. more

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A look inside one of Barcelona's best coworking spaces. more


Phin Mpofu speaking at the 2017 Barcelona Startup Grind Tech Conference.

Photo courtesy of Barcelona Startup Grind.

An entrepreneur’s journey is a tough, long and winding trail filled with lots of potholes and obstacles. And, all too often, it’s a lonely one. With over 90% of startups failing within a few years, it's understandable why many people get discouraged. more


Marc Miralda López

Photo courtesy of TechBuddy.

Marc Miralda, Head of Operations of TechBuddy in Spain more

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Olivier Bracard

Photo courtesy of Hosco

Olivier is the CEO and Co-founder of Hosco, the professional network specifically designed for the hospitality industry. It currently connects +250,000 qualified hospitality talents and +250 schools with +3,000 world-class companies around the globe. more

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Photo of courtesy of Wifitakeaway.

Wifitakeaway is a portable wifi hotspot for travelers that provides fast and reliable internet while you travel, connecting you to your destination, your friends and family and helping you get work done while you’re on the go. more

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