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Font de Lleó, Caldes de Montbui. Photo by David Chacobo.

Exploring the ancient thermal waters, moderinsta masterpieces and more in the Vallès Oriental Read more

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Aqüeducte de les Ferreres (Pont del Diable). Photo by Tara Shain.

Photo by Tara Shain.

There’s Tarragona the city and Tarragona the municipality, but how much do you know about Tarragonès the county? Read more

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Congost de Mont-rebei

Photo by Diana Delgado Pineda.

Congost de Mont-rebei's striking bright blue waters paired with high cliffs make the landscape incredible to witness Read more

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Rupit Village. Photo by Tara Shain.

Cracking the history of Rupit - discover the must see sights of this out-of-the-way medieval village. Read more

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Besalu Bridge

Photo by Miki Pons.

La Garrotxa is arguably one of the most beautiful regions in Catalunya. Located among the foothills of the Pyrenees in the province of Girona, this sparsely populated, fertile land is filled with high ridges, deep valleys, rivers and forests... Read more

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Miravet and the Ebre river from Castell de Miravet

Photo by Xavi López.

Take a trip to the south of Catalunya to see the varied delights of this region. Read more

Day Trips

Reial Monestir de Santa Maria de Poblet

Photo by Mattana

This picturesque route—a 105 kilometer, circular section of the GR 175 hiking trail—takes you through rural countryside and ancient villages against a backdrop of the soaring Prades Mountains. Read more


Despite a sizzling summer of endless sightseers and beachgoers, Spain may have reached the saturation point. Read more

In the City

A new tourist tax could be introduced from 2017 to reduce the social and environmental impact generated by the millions of tourists visiting every year. Read more

In the City 1 Comments

Travel in style to nearby Sitges with this new ferry route. Read more

In the City

One of the city’s favourite tourist spots is under threat. Read more

In the City

  • Casa Batllo

    Casa Batllo

  • Bike Tour

    Bike Tour

  • Casa-Rural-con-Encanto-Lleida-5-700x500.jpg
  • Reial Monestir de Santa Maria de Poblet

    Photo by Mattana

    Reial Monestir de Santa Maria de Poblet

    Reial Monestir de Santa Maria de Poblet