Tara Shain

Lace up your boots, choose a destination and hit the trails! The brisk autumn weather makes for perfect hiking. Bonus points if you manage to catch these trails just as the leaves are changing! Read more

Things To Do

  • 260.-Five-Things---Capgrossos.jpg

    Capgrossos. Illustration by Tara Shain.

  • 261-five things chestnuts.jpg

    Illustration by Tara Shain

  • 262-history-Carrer-de-Marlet-01.jpg

    Carrer de Marlet. Photo by Tara Shain.

  • 263-travel-Tarragona-Pont-de-diable-02.jpg

    Aqüeducte de les Ferreres (Pont del Diable). Photo by Tara Shain.

  • 263-travel-Taragones-Tamarit-Castle.jpg

    Castell Tamarit. Photo by Tara Shain.

  • 263-Travel-Taragones-amphitheatre.jpg

    Tarragona amphitheatre. Photo by Tara Shain

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