Startup Grind Tech Conference 2019. Photo by Kate Williams.

A look at the 2019 Startup Grind Tech Conference Read more

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Tech for healthcare debate. Photo by Kate Williams.

4YFN is all about up-and-coming startups. Over three intense, inspiring days, rising stars come together to showcase innovations and connect to resources, corporations and investors. Read more


Serial entrepreneur and secondhand marketplace expert Miquel Mascort identified a business opportunity a few years ago while trying to figure out what to do with used but still valuable clothes and accessories in his closet. The result is Wongo. Read more

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Modern day founders are forced to innovate constantly in order to keep up with these latest trends. Read more



Photo courtesy of Cloudworks.

A look inside one of Barcelona's best coworking spaces. Read more


Phin Mpofu speaking at the 2017 Barcelona Startup Grind Tech Conference.

Photo courtesy of Barcelona Startup Grind.

An entrepreneur’s journey is a tough, long and winding trail filled with lots of potholes and obstacles. And, all too often, it’s a lonely one. With over 90% of startups failing within a few years, it's understandable why many people get discouraged. Read more


Marc Miralda López

Photo courtesy of TechBuddy.

Marc Miralda, Head of Operations of TechBuddy in Spain Read more

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Photo of courtesy of Wifitakeaway.

Wifitakeaway is a portable wifi hotspot for travelers that provides fast and reliable internet while you travel, connecting you to your destination, your friends and family and helping you get work done while you’re on the go. Read more

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Created by Gemma Prenfeta Ribera, this app helps you stay in the loop with events and social opportunities taking place in the city. Read more

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Created by Desiree Taboada, this online shop sells food that might otherwise go to waste. Read more

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Javier de Orca's startup, IOMED, is tackling inefficiencies within the healthcare system. Read more

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Laura Fernández Giménez, co-founder and CEO of Future Funded, talks women in tech. Read more

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Lynette Kucsma, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Natural Machines, discusses innovations in the food industry. Read more

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Harvard graduate and biologist turned entrepreneur discusses her Barcelona journey and her new collaborative work space, M.O.B. Read more

The Very Present Future

CEO Ivan Caballero talks about Social Coin's aim to make the world a better place through technology. Read more

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Four years on from the first edition, the director of 4YFN takes stock of progress. Read more

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The founder and CEO of drink-subscription app Bida, talks life, love and liquids. Read more

The Very Present Future

A beginner's guide to funding a new business idea. Read more

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