Social issues

Mental health is incredibly important. We openly acknowledge the mind-body connection and may even seek balance in our daily lives. But what happens when something goes wrong, when balance is not achieved? Read more


Gestalt Therapist Emma Ruiz and Associate Certified Coach Goldie Uttamchandani discuss the stigma that surrounds the conversation of mental health and the best ways of addressing it in our community. Read more



Photo courtesy of GabsAway.

Gabriela Nivela founded the meal sharing conversations GabsAway in an attempt to recreate the fascinating, frank conversation she remembers from her childhood. We took her for coffee to learn what it’s all about. Read more



Andrew Funk and Victor Horcasitas.

Homeless Entrepreneur has helped turn around the lives of twelve homeless people in Barcelona. Its next goal is to do the same for one hundred people and the organization needs your help. Read more



Andrew Funk

Andrew Funk believes that talent can change our lives. His organization Homeless Entrepreneur is committed to giving a voice to every homeless person who wants to tell their story. Read more

Business & Working

Just how clean is our tap water? Read more


This month, the Smart City Expo World Congress comes to town. Read more



Photo by Tash McCammon

For years, Barcelona’s illegal street vendors have sold pirated goods to survive while wearing a cloak of invisibility. Now a series of initiatives gives them new hope. Read more


From December 1st, Barcelona will cut private transport by 10 percent during periods of high air pollution. Read more

In the City

Barcelona has everything in place to receive refugees but very few have arrived and frustration is growing. Read more


Homelessness continues to be an enigma to governments worldwide. But Barcelona is embracing new initiatives with promising results. Read more


Barcelona falls short in its plan to welcome over 9.000 refugees to the city. Read more

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Home truths: Picking up the pieces of a broken housing system. Read more



Photo by Tori Sparks

Small live music venues in Barcelona have been under threat for some time, but has the Ajuntament changed its tune? Read more



Photo by Sam Zucker

A look at the history and culture of Barcelona's Pakistani community. Read more



Refugee Open Ware

3D printing of prosthetics in Barcelona’s Fab Labs brings hope to Syria’s refugees. Read more


Revealing the hidden city

Courtesy of Hidden City Tours

A new Barcelona tour employs local homeless people as its guides Read more

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Photo by Vanessa Murray

A year after Catalunya held its last official bullfight, some people are still hoping for a reverse of the ban Read more

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Joan visiting Amics member Eugenia on Sant Jordi Day earlier this year.

Photo by Ceci dos Santos

Joan Corrigan describes her experiences of volunteering with a group that provides support to the elderly Read more

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Photo by Rafa Royes Lopez

From the archive: NGO Arrels try to lend a hand to the city's residents in need Read more

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