September 2018


Capgrossos. Illustration by Tara Shain.

Barcelona takes on a new life towards the end of the month, when its streets and plazas are awash with festivities in celebration of the city’s patron saint. Read more

Things To Do

Salvador Dalí. Gala Placidia. Galatea of the Spheres, 1952.

Photo courtesy of MNAC.

Will Shank reviews “Gala Salvador Dalí. A Room of One’s Own in Púbol.” at the National Art Museum of Catalonia until October 14th. Read more

Previews and reviews

Marc Miralda López

Photo courtesy of TechBuddy.

Marc Miralda, Head of Operations of TechBuddy in Spain Read more

Business & Working


Egg Crêpes with Mahón cheese and Jamón. Photo by Jessica Rossi

Made using a few simple ingredients, these light, fluffy, egg crêpes are a good go-to when time is tight. Read more


Olivier Bracard

Photo courtesy of Hosco

Olivier is the CEO and Co-founder of Hosco, the professional network specifically designed for the hospitality industry. It currently connects +250,000 qualified hospitality talents and +250 schools with +3,000 world-class companies around the globe. Read more

Business & Working

Bao Bao

Photo courtesy of Bao Bao.

This popular Asian street food is an unassuming, fluffy little steamed bun stuffed with explosive flavors. Read more

Quick Bites

Mahón cheese: these box-shaped cheeses, with their distinctive rounded edges, fold-like markings and beautiful deep orange-gold rinds are one of the gastronomic jewels of the Balearic islands, and have long been so. Read more



Photo of courtesy of Wifitakeaway.

Wifitakeaway is a portable wifi hotspot for travelers that provides fast and reliable Internet while you travel, connecting you to your destination, your friends and family and helping you get work done while you’re on the go. Read more

Business & Working

Ana Garcia, La curva del olvido, video still

Photo courtesy of CaixaForum.

CaixaForum’s "Turbulances" brings together twenty works which shake the spectator and bring diverse views on the contradictions of contemporary society. Read more

Previews and reviews

Pastisseria Jansana

Photo courtesy of Pastisseria Jansana.

Delve into the city’s best baked goods, from fresh bread and gluten-free pastries to traditional Catalan treats. Read more

Things To Do

Streetlife Passatge Sert

Illustrated by Tara Shain.

Steps away from Urquinaona is a narrow pedestrian pathway — a quiet oasis from the traffic of Trafalgar and tourists of the city center — that dates back to a 19th-century textile factory. Read more



Alicia Música. Photo by Desi Estevez.

How a young journalist became one of the most sought-after music publicists in the country Read more


Refugi Antiaeri 307 interior

Photo courtesy of Biblioteca MUHBA.

Air raid shelters like Refugi 307 helped protect people from the 194 total air raids carried out over the city during the Spanish Civil War. Read more


Miravet and the Ebre river from Castell de Miravet

Photo by Xavi López.

Take a trip to the south of Catalunya to see the varied delights of this region. Read more

Day Trips

New in Town: Cebo

Photo courtesy of Cebo.

Located next to the swimming pool on the hotel’s rooftop, La Terraza del Claris is the perfect place to enjoy summer or winter nights in a glass-enclosed restaurant that offers spectacular views of central Barcelona. Read more

New in Town

Besalu Bridge

Photo by Miki Pons.

La Garrotxa is arguably one of the most beautiful regions in Catalunya. Located among the foothills of the Pyrenees in the province of Girona, this sparsely populated, fertile land is filled with high ridges, deep valleys, rivers and forests... Read more

Weekend away


Tori Sparks. Photo by Desi Estevez.

How the Nashville-based singer-songwriter made it in Barcelona Read more


New in Town: Casa Ràfols

Photo courtesy of Casa Ràfols.

Recently reopened under the name Casa Ràfols, this restaurant specializes in select beers, wines, sausages, fish, preserves and other local products, using the same precision with which it formerly offered nails, bolts and screws back in its hardware Read more

New in Town

New in Town: The Perfumery Barcelona

Photo courtesy of The Perfumery Barcelona

Located in the heart of the Sant Pere neighborhood, The Perfumery Barcelona, offers extraordinary fragrances in a unique and contemporary, warm and welcoming atmosphere. Read more

New in Town

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