September 2017


Vegetable-focused fine dining. Read more

Restaurant Reviews

The referendum to set up a new state was given the go ahead on Wednesday. Read more

In the City

Donnchadh Tiernan talks to Valencian comedian Xavi Castells about his English stand-up act. Read more


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Olivier Valiente

American Noah Levin, 36, describes one of his many varied days as the managing director of Barcelona Improv Group and The Present Moment. Read more

Business & Working

Non-traditional, female-focused networking events are encouraging women to push the glass ceiling. Read more

Business & Working

Tips to make sure your polyglot tots gain the language fluency you may only dream of. Read more



Founders of Housfy, Albert Bosch (left) and Miquel Mora (right).

Co-founder and CEO of Housfy, Albert Bosch, explains his business. Read more

Business & Working

A little taste of India finds a permanent home in the Eixample. Read more

Restaurant Reviews

Granja Viader in the Raval is a true olde world coffee shop. Read more


An organic, vegetable-centric menu at Buenaventura Café. Read more

Quick Bites

An easy plum frangipane made using seasonal fruit. Read more


There’s no shortage of culture or history in this charming French town. Read more

Weekend away

Victoria Politi Williams reveals stories of people’s lives through her camera lens. Read more


A balloon ride over Catalunya's beautiful landscapes will take your breath away. Read more


Will Shank visits this retrospective exhibition currently on display at the CaixaForum. Read more

Previews and reviews

A guide to Catalunya’s national day on September 11th. Read more


With plenty of 3D printing opportunities in Barcelona, turning your ideas into a reality just got easier. Read more

Things To Do

Barcelona has a rich history of jazz music and some legendary venues to go with it. Read more

Things To Do

Barcelona's long-established Roma community speak to Metropolitan about identity, activism and culture. Read more


A message sent from above left its mark on this city centre square. Read more


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