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Smart Cities Expo 2019, photo by Kate Williams.

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Smart Cities Expo 2019, photo by Kate Williams.

Over half the world’s population and counting now lives in cities. That’s a lot of people to move, feed, water and house (not to mention deal with their doings). To achieve it, smart tech is essential. Read more

Previews and reviews


Photo courtesy of Smart City Expo World Congress.

The Smart City World Congress is taking place from November 19-21 at Fira de Barcelona. Here’s a preview of this world leading event to get you excited for what is sure to be a fascinating three days. Read more

Previews and reviews

The tendency for girls to choose humanities over science & tech means they risk being left behind in the digital era, and numerous Barcelona initiatives are scrambling to try to reverse the situation. Read more


No one can afford to slack on their tech skills these days. Luckily, Barcelona is just the place to get yours up to date. Read more

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