Looking for a nursery school in or close to Barcelona for your child? Here are some of the best options. Read more

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Tips to make sure your polyglot tots gain the language fluency you may only dream of. Read more


Nearly three months of holidays may be a delight for the children, but it can leave a lot of parents scratching their heads. Read on for the best of Barcelona's summer schools. Read more

Settling In

Despite the crisis in Spain’s education system, a movement for a more progressive model is gaining momentum. Read more


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Schooling in Catalan

Johanna Bailey broaches the controversial subject of public school teaching in Catalan Read more

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Sonia Gigler talks with Helena Munín about what led her to set up Kinder Barcelona (Poblenou), a multilingual alternative nursery and kindergarten for children up to the age of 6 years and their families, and about its development Read more


A quick guide to how the education system in Catalunya works. Read more

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