Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi (or Saint George) is the patron saint of Catalunya. His feast day, April 23rd, is the one of the most important days in the local calendar, even though it isn't actually a public holiday. Tradition dictates that men give their lovers a rose on that day, and women present their partner with a book. As such, the streets of cities, towns and villages up and down the land are filled with stalls selling both items. The price of roses on Sant Jordi is generally higher than other times of the year, but you may well find competitive prices if you hunt around, especially from students who are looking to raise money for an end-of-course trip. Books are usually priced at their normal rate, although some of the bigger vendors might offer some kind of discount. Signings by authors both local and international are organised by chains like FNAC and Casa del Llibre. If you want to buy your lover (or yourself for that matter) a book in English, your options are limited to the normal places, but the pleasure of walking the streets of the city with books and flowers on all sides (providing it's sunny!) more than makes up for it.

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