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SKFK, photo by Inés R.

Barcelona is host to a number of shops offering gifts made by local designers and craftspeople with sustainable or recycled materials—here's our pick of the top six. Read more



Once the holidays have passed, remember to give your tree new life by recycling it!

For years it has seemed that Christmas has gone hand in hand with excessive consumerism, but that doesn't have to be the case—your holidays can be as sustainable as you want to make them! Read more


In Barcelona the color-coded bins are ubiquitous. There is a great deal of infrastructure in place to recycle. And yet, there is some degree of skepticism on the street. Is there such a thing as recycling fatigue? Read more

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Members of the #TrashTribe from the organization Pure Clean Earth participate in beach cleanups in Barcelona and Sitges every weekend, regularly collecting several kilograms of garbage in just one hour. Photo by To Tadej Hrastovec, his Instagram is: tadejhrastovec.

En Profunditat is a new bi-weekly podcast from Barcelona Metropolitan, focusing on the biggest stories we have been covering recently. "En Profunditat" means in depth, and this is precisely what we’ll be doing, delving deep in the major issues. Read more

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The "Trash Tribe" poses with the result of their efforts of one hour of beach cleanup along Barceloneta Beach. Photo courtesy of Pure Clean Earth.

The enormous amount of plastic debris collecting on the city’s beaches is what convinced British expat Daniel Reynolds that he needed to do something, so he started the Pure Clean Earth organization to help tackle the problem in Barcelona. Read more


Permaculture in the city. Read more


Barcelona is full of creatives turning typical waste into treasured products. Read more


Argentinian couple, Cecilia and Fabián, have renovated two adjacent flats to create something of an artistic laboratory. Read more



All photos by Toby Golus.

Toby and Tamar have revamped an old Poble-sec apartment and settled in Barcelona...for now. Read more



Photo by Sonia Lucas

The Festes de Gràcia once again brings color, joy and revelry to the streets this month. Tori Sparks gets behind the scenes at the city’s favorite neighborhood festival. Read more


In 2003, Deron Beal was working for a nonprofit recycling project in Tucson, Arizona. His days were spent driving around the city in his truck, collecting donated objects and taking them to new owners. Read more


This festival showcases eclectic art created with recycled materials Read more


Each summer, the streets of Gràcia are restyled into an imaginative dreamscape, the work inspired by neighbourhood pride and the creative energy of ordinary people. Read more


Max Bentley looks at how you can enjoy an eco-friendly Christmas in Barcelona Read more


Drap-Art home 1

By Arnau Miquel

Back for another year is the Drap-Art Festival featuring green art Read more


Plastic bags

Photo by Lee Woolcock

The use of "free" plastic bags is not as easy to curb as lawmakers had hoped Read more

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Discover holiday-season suggestions for Barcelona residents on how to give gifts that keep on giving Read more


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