Paul Cannon

There’s more to see than a monastery at this pilgrimage site. Read more

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This commuter town north of Barcelona boasts an ancient winemaking history and expansive natural landscapes. Read more

Day Trips

A day in the green belt of Barcelona. Read more

Day Trips


Photo by Angela Llop

An Iberian settlement that reveals the region’s ancient roots. Read more

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Over the hills but not far away, there’s more to this small city than meets the eye. Read more

Day Trips

The extraordinary beauty of the Guilleries Massif makes a picturesque backdrop for a festive break. Read more



Photo by Tash McCammon

For years, Barcelona’s illegal street vendors have sold pirated goods to survive while wearing a cloak of invisibility. Now a series of initiatives gives them new hope. Read more



Photo by Daniel Ferrer

A peaceful plateau that offers some quality hiking trails. Read more

Day Trips

A guide to Catalunya’s national day on September 11th. Read more


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