October 2018

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Toulouse Lautrec: The Spirit of Montmartre

Image courtesy of CaixaForum.

Montmartre is not only the scene of many works by the multifaceted artist Toulouse-Lautrec, but the social and cultural engine that defined his modern style and bohemian character. Read more

Previews and reviews


Photo courtesy of Charles Webb.

Charles (aka “Chef CW”) has lived in nine countries, speaks four languages and has worked in some of the world’s greatest restaurants, including Noma. Currently, he splits time between his native Chicago and Barcelona. Read more

Business & Working


Rupit Village. Photo by Tara Shain.

Cracking the history of Rupit - discover the must see sights of this out-of-the-way medieval village. Read more

Weekend away

A Tomb in Montjuïc Cemetery

Photo by Wes-Neuenschwander.

According to the guidebooks and glossy weekend reads, Barcelona’s a shiny, happy and vibrant city and in many ways, it is. But just like most places, it’s also witnessed a significant amount of death, doom and destruction. Read more

Things To Do

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Illustration by Tara Shain

There are a few delicious autumn treats that take center stage in Catalunya, especially during the Tots Sants celebrations (All Saints’ Day) on October 31st. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to enjoy them. Read more

Things To Do

Santa Maria del Pi

Photo by Alessandro Cani.

Behind Barcelona's real history of buildings and kings, there is another secret city of legends and myths. Read more


New in Town: El Árbol Brunch

Photo courtesy of El Árbol Brunch.

El Árbol Brunch, a charming spot on the corner of Aribau and Consell de Cent has opened a second location on Passeig Sant Joan and Casp so you can get your brunch fix on both sides of the Eixample. Read more

New in Town


Photo courtesy of Cloudworks.

A look inside one of Barcelona's best coworking spaces. Read more



Phin Mpofu speaking at the 2017 Barceloana Startup Grind Tech Conference. Photo courtesy of Barcelona Startup Grind.

An entrepreneur’s journey is a tough, long and winding trail filled with lots of potholes and obstacles. And, all too often, it’s a lonely one. With over 90% of startups failing within a few years, it's understandable why many people get discouraged. Read more


New in Town: Es Im-perfect®

Photo courtesy of Es Im-perfect®.

The nonprofit group Espigadors and chef Ada Parellada have combined forces to take "ugly" fruits and vegetables and turn them into marmalades, purées, sauces and preserves that are 100% natural. Read more

New in Town

New in Town: Poke Kitchen

Photo courtesy of Poke Kitchen.

The popular Poke movement (pronounced “POH-keh”) has arrived in Barcelona — directly on your doorstep — with Poke Kitchen. Read more

New in Town


Photo courtesy of Casa de Tapas Cañota.

Just the place to taste traditional Galician tapas and dishes in a fun and casual atmosphere. Read more

Quick Bites

New in Town: Salitre

Photo courtesy of Salitre

Salitre is a recently opened restaurant in Poblenou run by Bruno Morales with chefs Daniel Armenteros and Sergio Morales who bring dynamic touches to traditional dishes. Read more

New in Town

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