November 2018


A traditional, no-frills recipe for cranberry sauce for your Thanksgiving table. Read more



Startup of the Month: Wongo

Serial entrepreneur and secondhand marketplace expert Miquel Mascort identified a business opportunity a few years ago while trying to figure out what to do with used but still valuable clothes and accessories in his closet. The result is Wongo. Read more

Business & Working

A tried-and-true recipe for traditional Thanksgiving stuffing Read more


An inexperienced cook takes on her first big kitchen endeavor for an international Thanksgiving celebration Read more



Ian giving a talk on Learning-Centered Teaching at CIC Cultural Institute. Photo courtesy of Ian Gibbs.

53-year-old Ian Gibbs came from Sheffield to Barcelona in 1990 as an English teacher. He’s now an author, speaker, coach and owner of IPA Productions, an educational theater company. Gibbs lives in Collserola and works in La Teixonera. Read more

Business & Working


Congost de Mont-rebei. Photo by Diana Delgado Pineda.

Congost de Mont-rebei's striking bright blue waters paired with high cliffs make the landscape incredible to witness Read more

Weekend away


Norman Naroztky, I Am a Man, 1968-1969. Image courtesy of MNAC.

“LIBERXINA” is the first in a series of exhibitions that sets out to investigate specific temporal phenomena and frameworks in order to make an analytical interpretation of post-war Catalan art. Read more

Previews and reviews


Cole Ingersoll and Jamie Fulcher. Photo by Diana Delgado Pineda.

Jamie and Cole’s story is about more than just healthcare. It’s about actual care — and just like love, that’s something you can’t buy, no matter where you live. Read more


Modern day founders are forced to innovate constantly in order to keep up with these latest trends. Read more



Map of the Call de Barcelona. Photo by Pere López.

Small numbers of Jews may have arrived in Barcelona soon after 70 C.E. as part of the wave of migrants arriving in Europe fleeing Roman repression in Palestine. They settled in what became known as El Call. Read more



Photo courtesy of 71 Oyster Bar.

Barcelonians can enjoy fresh oysters from Marennes-Oléron and Normandy at 71 Oyster Bar, alongside a selection of ceviches, tartars and other oceanic treats. Read more

New in Town


English bookstores in Barcelona

No matter how good your Castilian or Catalan is, at some point you're probably going to find yourself hankering for a good read in your mother tongue. Whether your style is more Hemingway or “Hunger Games,” you'll be able to find something to please Read more

Best of Barcelona


Photo courtesy of Roots and Rolls

Let the chefs take you on a journey through their own unique brand of Japanese/Asian fusion. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Nacarii.

One of the most exclusive caviars in Europe: Nacarii. Read more

New in Town


New in Town: Patachou. Photo by Diana Delgado Pineda.

Perched among the busy Eixample Dreta blocks between La Pedrera, Sagrada Família and Casa de les Puntxes, this quaint, little spot is just as light and airy as the puffy dough it’s named after: pâte à choux. Read more

New in Town

Lace up your boots, choose a destination and hit the trails! The brisk autumn weather makes for perfect hiking. Bonus points if you manage to catch these trails just as the leaves are changing! Read more

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