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Discover why August is the ideal month to try out some local water sports Read more

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Idyllic, peaceful and paradisaical - there was nowhere else Nicola Reid would have rather been than the Silom Spa Read more

Things to do in Barcelona

Nicola Reid visited the exhibition ‘Dressing the Body’, which invites visitors to observe the manipulation of our outer appearances and see, from five centuries’ worth of historical examples, the absurdity of being a slave to the body and fashion Read more


Nicola Reid went to see the English Drama School's latest production, an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's 'A Picture of Dorian Grey' written, produced and directed by Julian Wickham. Read more

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Go Car!

If you're an adventurous tourist, there's no need to buy a metro pass or a bus ticket, because you can be in control of your own guided tour of Barcelona in a GPS-controlled mini car! Read more

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Juila Weems

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Julia Weems is the director of the Fashion department at the Instituto Europeo di Design Barcelona—Nicola Reid spoke to her about the school, sustainable fashion, and her earliest style experiences Read more


Julian Wickham

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Nicola Reid speaks to Julian Wickham, theatre writer, director and founder of The English Drama School Read more

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Mirador de Colon

Unravel the story of Christopher Colombus and his discovery of the Americas from the viewing platform at the top of this 52-metre-high statue located at Barcelona's Port Vell Read more


In a fast-changing industry, fashion blogs are a dynamic way for fashionistas, both professionals and amateurs, to keep up with the pace. Nicola Reid identifies four fashion blogs which use Barcelona as a platform for their online fashion chronicles Read more


Nicola Reid went to see Six In The City 2, a series of six one act plays by Hunter Tremayne, at La Riereta Theatre Read more


British designer and creator Aby Mackie is helping to develop Barcelona’s vintage fashion scene. At her Barcelona studio, she talked to Nicola Reid about the allure of second-hand clothing and why she advocates a sustainable lifestyle Read more

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Surprise your partner with these ideas for an alternative romantic experience suitable for Valentine’s Day or indeed most other times of the year. Read more


Find out what's going on in Barcelona and beyond this Carnival season Read more


Intelligently crafted by Julian Wickham and performed by the English Drama Company, 'Playing with Fire' was delightfully entertaining Read more

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