There are numerous networking events and clubs you could join in Barcelona, but a more powerful way to build your network is through volunteering. Read more


International speaker and coach Amélie Yan-Gouiffes discusses how to make your elevator pitch an effective business tool and an instrument of purpose. Read more

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Phin Mpofu speaking at the 2017 Barceloana Startup Grind Tech Conference. Photo courtesy of Barcelona Startup Grind.

An entrepreneur’s journey is a tough, long and winding trail filled with lots of potholes and obstacles. And, all too often, it’s a lonely one. With over 90% of startups failing within a few years, it's understandable why many people get discouraged. Read more


Created by Gemma Prenfeta Ribera, this app helps you stay in the loop with events and social opportunities taking place in the city. Read more

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The organiser of TEDxBarcelonaWomen's event, The Brave You, discusses the concept of the event and the commitment of the TED brand towards gender equality. Read more

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Barcelona International Community Day establishes itself as a meeting point and benchmark for the international community Read more

Non-traditional, female-focused networking events are encouraging women to push the glass ceiling. Read more

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Barcelona resident and professional life coach, Sam Mednick, answers your questions on life in the city. Read more


If you want to keep up with the locals, you’ll need to create a solid network of contacts. And in Barcelona, there are lots of opportunities to do so. Read more

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