Medieval History


Detail of a miniature of witches being burnt and tortured, from "Chroniques de France ou de St Denis," 1332-1350. Image courtesy of the British Library.

Witches and wizards, healers and sorcerers: Héctor Cols relates the complicated and tumultuous history of witchcraft in Europe and its persecution in Catalunya. Read more


18th cen Port-de-Barcelona,-gravat-francès-del-segle-xviii.-Desconegut---Josep-L.-Roig-Historia-de-Barcelona,-Ed.-Primera-Plana-S.A.jpg

18th Century French engraving of Barcelona Port published in Historia de Barcelona by Josep L. Roig.

In the first of a trilogy on Barcelona’s fascinating urban plan, we take a look at an online tool which lets you view Barna’s history through a series of interactive maps; the insight it gives you into the city’s past is truly remarkable. Read more



Map of the Call de Barcelona. Photo by Pere López.

Small numbers of Jews may have arrived in Barcelona soon after 70 C.E. as part of the wave of migrants arriving in Europe fleeing Roman repression in Palestine. They settled in what became known as El Call. Read more


A fairy tale excursion. Read more


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