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This week’s podcast episode is all about linguistics: a jaunt into the fertile, fascinating and frequently funny world of languages, how they affect and indeed define the world we live in. Read more



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From sessions started in one woman’s room to classes in La Cárcel Modelo: Language Surfing has come a long way. That’s all down to the founder’s passion for language and an “inside-outside” methodology for learning. Read more

Settling In


Photo courtesy of Language Surfing.

Dynamic new trends in linguistic pedagogy are challenging the status quo and changing the way we learn a second language. Find out how these innovations in education are altering the learning experience. Read more

Settling In


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The New Year is on the horizon and with it, the annual resolutions. If improving your language skills is on your list of things to tackle in 2019, this might be a good place to start. Read more


Tips for getting the most out of your intercambio sessions from Ian Gibbs. Read more

Language Hack

The latest installment of Ian Gibbs' language-learning blog Language Hack details how to improve your speaking when learning a new tongue. Read more

Language Hack

In his latest post in his language-learning blog Language Hack, Ian Gibbs reveals a very useful phrase to help you get speaking in a new tongue. Read more

Language Hack

Ian Gibbs highlights the importance of making mistakes in his latest post in Language Hack, his language-learning blog. Read more

Language Hack

Jodie Sclare and Josh Bumgardner explain how their language centre FunTalk was created, and prove that learning a language can be fun. Read more


The latest post from Language Hack, a language-learning blog by Ian Gibbs. Read more

Language Hack

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The second post from Language Hack, a new language-learning blog by English teacher, writer and founder of the educational theatre company IPA Productions, Ian Gibbs. Read more

Language Hack

Barcelona-based English teacher, writer and founder of the educational theatre company IPA Productions, Ian Gibbs, introduces his new language-learning blog. Read more

Language Hack

Tips to make sure your polyglot tots gain the language fluency you may only dream of. Read more


Brush up on your language skills without going back to school. Read more

Things To Do

Tips for learning a new language without breaking the bank. Read more


Raising bilingual children is appealing and necessary for more and more families these days. For kids to be successful in more than one language, thought, dedication and creativity on the part of the parents are required. Read more


In a city where nobody can even pronounce my own name (‘¿Dawn?’ ¿Como abajo?) the language barrier has become a common occurrence in my daily life, one which I now welcome with open arms and, more often than not, a childish snigger. Read more

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Language Class

Pablo Pariente de Torre

If you want to learn Catalan, there are a number of options to help you on your way Read more

LIVING 1 Comments

Easy for some and seemingly impossible for others, there's no right or wrong when it comes to learning Spanish or Catalan. You just have to dive right in and find what works best for you Read more

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Schooling in Catalan

Johanna Bailey broaches the controversial subject of public school teaching in Catalan Read more

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