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In Spain, there is a public, universal health-care system that is available to all Spaniards funded by taxes. But, did you know that if you are an expat you can also be covered by this health-care system? Read more


In Barcelona the color-coded bins are ubiquitous. There is a great deal of infrastructure in place to recycle. And yet, there is some degree of skepticism on the street. Is there such a thing as recycling fatigue? Read more

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The "Trash Tribe" poses with the result of their efforts of one hour of beach cleanup along Barceloneta Beach. Photo courtesy of Pure Clean Earth.

The enormous amount of plastic debris collecting on the city’s beaches is what convinced British expat Daniel Reynolds that he needed to do something, so he started the Pure Clean Earth organization to help tackle the problem in Barcelona. Read more


An American expat shares his experience acquiring and renewing the commonly called “retirement visa” in Spain. Read more

Settling In

A guide to renting apartments in Barcelona Read more

Settling In


Streetlife: Carrer de Badajoz. Illustration by Tara Shain.

You know you’re on Carrer de Badajoz because you can see the obelisk for the Nova Icària beach looking towards the sea and Torre Glòries (or as my friends call it, el pepino as in “cucumber” among other things...) Read more


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