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If you think dating in Barcelona is complicated enough, try throwing kids into the equation. Dating as a single parent is an entirely new game with a whole new set of rules and any previous dating etiquette should be tossed out of the window. Read more

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For those of you who reside here in Spain, I’d like you to please sit back, close your eyes and relax just for a moment. Read more


Pre-kid Barcelona was always a 24-7 entertainment centre, and post-kid it hasn’t failed me yet either. So there I was last Sunday morning, bouncing out of bed raring to go (OK, slight exaggeration). Read more

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(Or, that’s what friends are for, right?) Let’s get one thing straight – superheroes don’t exist (however much my son might beg to differ). Moreover, becoming a parent doesn’t miraculously transform you into a super mum or dad Read more

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(or Bring on the All-nighters) Dragging my weary feet behind me as I traipsed up and down the hallway, I desperately tried to keep my eyes open while half-heartedly muttering lullabies through gritted teeth. Read more

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October 2002: “Come back…” she whispered seductively. “Please come back….” As I looked out over the sprawling city beneath me from the aeroplane window, I promised I would someday, somehow make my way back to her; my beautiful city of Barcelona. Read more

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