July 2019


Photo courtesy of Sonar.

The audiovisual dome at Sonar 2019 was a bubble of sound and color, where short films were joined by blasting music for an hour long assault on the senses. Read more


Sailing, surfing and sand ... Catalunya is celebrated for its beautiful beaches, but it offers so much more. Discover five of our favorite places to kayak in the region and where to go to get on the water. Read more



Ruairí Ó Donnchadha.

In Entrepreneurs Explain we speak to expats about their experiences developing a business in Barcelona. This month we chatted with Ruairí Ó Donnchadha, who has made it his business to make sure you are putting the right stuff in your body. Read more

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Did you know Thomas Aquinas deemed eating breakfast was a sin? Then In 1662 the Catholic Church revised its position. Why? Chocolate! Read more


With Wifitakeaway you can stay connected wherever you travel in Europe; use Google Maps, find new restaurants, tweet, share all your beautiful photos and even call home. Read more



Platja de Gavà. Photo by Ferran Pestaña (Flickr).

Gavà Mar is a beautiful town with plenty of things to keep you occupied on a weekend away: beautiful beaches, a fascinating promenade, and amazing restaurants who serve up delicious local food. Read more

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Rob Käll, Margot Carter and Ben Strum.

Barcelona's quality of life, culture, and cost of living make the city a magnet for young data scientists and software developers. Which is why Barcelona-based startup Cien’s pioneering new AI software was developed right here in Barna. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Horchata de Chufa de Valencia (Facbeook).

When it really gets hot in Barcelona, many reach for a glass of "orxata" or "granissat" Read more


As the last remaining teams get ready to battle it out in the Women’s World Cup final in France this Sunday, interest in "futbol femení" is growing, and a company run by Barcelona expats is offering women new opportunities to get a game. Read more


This SEO Strategy Guide will serve to break SEO into its most basic parts and help you understand how to use all of its elements to construct a successful SEO strategy for 2019 and beyond. Read more

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Don’t just sweat it out at the beach this summer—cool off in one of the city’s outdoor pools. Read more

Things To Do 1 Comments

Barcelona expats offer their recommendations on where to go to get great care for your pets for when you're away. Read more


A leading business angel in Spain’s startup ecosystem, Carlos Blanco shares some wisdom for entrepreneurs seeking funds to grow their companies. Read more

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One of seven waterfalls in Torrent de la Cabana

Track down these natural pools in some of the most breathtaking spots in Catalunya. Read more


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