January 2020

In Spain, there is a public, universal health-care system that is available to all Spaniards funded by taxes. But, did you know that if you are an expat you can also be covered by this health-care system? Read more



Tablao de Carmen. Photo by Tara Shain.

In the first of a series of podcasts focusing on flamenco, we spoke to three people involved with the Tablao de Carmen to get to the heart of flamenco dance. Read more



When speaking of Europe's migrant crisis, images of refugees clinging to tiny, overcrowded boats or attempting to scale the fences topped with razor wire in Ceuta and Melilla come immediately to mind. But migrants from the southern border only make a small number of the total number of refugees arriving in Barcelona.

In the final piece of this trilogy on how Barcelona takes in and integrates refugees, we hear the inspiring story of a Venezuelan asylum seeker who made a new life in the city, alongside the Barcelona based therapeutic center that helped him. Read more

City Matters


Cavalcada dels Tres Tombs de Sant Andreu, Barcelona, Jan 13, 2019. Photo courtesy of the Ajuntament de Barcelona (CC BY-ND 2.0).

The vibrant central Sant Antoni "barri" plays host to the city’s first major neighborhood festival of the year, with events happening over a nine-day period. We round up some of the “must-sees” taking place over the biggest weekend of the festival. Read more

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Cat House, photo by Josep Maria Ezcurra.

Cat-themed cafés have become popular worldwide as a fun way of spending time around felines. Barcelona has also caught the bug, but here they have another, nobler function. Read more


This daring restaurant on Comte Borrell is making waves with its roguish atmosphere and incredible, authentic food. Read more

Quick Bites

"Parentheses" is a Barcelona based magazine of poetry and fiction, showcasing the amazing writing going on in the city. Meet the team who put it together. Read more

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A new year conjures up the idea of a new start, making new plans, a new chance to make changes. Read more


In the final of a trilogy on Barcelona’s past, present and future, we look ahead to how the urban landscape is now incorporating technology to make things easier for the people who live here. Read more



Photo courtesy of Amelia Johannsen.

Pottery studios offer a healthy, creative outlet, a strong sense of community and artisan products that bring warmth and quality back into our lives. Read more



Just because you work remotely doesn't mean that you are confined to your apartment day in and day out.

Just because you work remotely doesn't mean that you are confined to your apartment day in and day out. Read more

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Here's five ways to get your 2020 off to the right start. Read more

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flickr mpellegr 01.jpg

Photo by Mpellegr. (Flickr)

Creative cuisine and classy restaurants may have put Catalunya on the culinary map, but it’s food of a far more primitive nature that provides the real flavor of the place — and this season. Read more


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