January 2018


Barcelona is home to more than 250,000 foreign residents, making it a hotbed for cultural exchange. Read more


One of the easiest soups on earth to make. Read more


Photographer Blanche Carreras David finds her peace of mind in the hills of Collserola. Read more


A taste of the Middle East comes to the ancient heart of Barcelona. Read more

Quick Bites

The founder and CEO of drink-subscription app Bida, talks life, love and liquids. Read more

The Very Present Future

Over the hills but not far away, there’s more to this small city than meets the eye. Read more

Day Trips

Barcelona resident and professional life coach Sam Mednick answers your questions on life in the city. Read more


The assassination of ‘Sugar Boy’, a trade union activist. Read more


Get back in action after the holidays with these cycling routes. Read more

Things To Do

The yoga trend taking Barcelona to new heights. Read more

Things To Do

Will Shank visits the exhibition at the CCCB, which he considers necessary viewing for all. Read more

Previews and reviews

CEO of Bioo, Pablo M. Vidarte, discusses the concept of creating electricity from plants. Read more

Business & Working

This house on a hill is a spacious home for Astrid Aafjes and her family. Read more


Everything you need to combat the post-holiday lethargy and get into your stride. Read more


Juice your way to health and start the year toxin-free. Read more

Best of Barcelona

Where the Gothic Quarter meets Port Vell, this busy, cosmopolitan street has welcomed change without neglecting its past. Read more


Get your snow fix in the Catalan Pyrenees this winter. Read more


The cohousing concept is gaining ground in Catalunya. Read more


Eleanor Walker, from the UK, explains life as the director of Useful Languages Barcelona. Read more

Business & Working

A beginner's guide to funding a new business idea. Read more

Business & Working

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