Chiogor Constance Ikokwu.

Founder of the African Press Club, Nigerian born Chiogor Constance Ikokwu is getting a PhD on the role of media in elections and offers a blog with African perspectives. Read more



Photo courtesy of Círculo del Liceo.

Following their fantastic talk with American Poet Karen Swenson, we spoke to the Vice Chairman of Barcelona’s historic Círculo del Liceo to learn more about the talk, the author and some reflections of art in general. Read more



Tablao de Carmen.

Tablao de Carmen has a fascinating history, all focused on traditional Spanish flamenco culture. Harry Stott spoke to its founder and to its current manager to find out more. Read more

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Stevie Van Zandt interviewed by Héctor Cols at Hardrock Cafe Barcelona, June 2019. Photo by Victor Horcasitas.

See Barcelona Metropolitan's interview with Stevie Van Zandt, founder of Disciples of Soul and former member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band Read more


Rasmus Bjerngaard explains his vision for feeding the planet. Read more

The Very Present Future

An interview with business woman and Gallery of Ideas co-founder Patricia Curty. Read more

The Very Present Future

Founder of Barcelona Wine Tastings Ambika Kumar talks about the sensorial side of wine. Read more

The Very Present Future

Harvard graduate and biologist turned entrepreneur discusses her Barcelona journey and her new collaborative work space, M.O.B. Read more

The Very Present Future

The Catalan music video director discusses his fascinating career. Read more

The Very Present Future

The 40-year old artist opens up about his work, his life and his relationship with God. Read more

The Very Present Future

The head of FHAUS, a property firm in Barcelona, explores the modern concept of housing. Read more

The Very Present Future

The founder and CEO of drink-subscription app Bida, talks life, love and liquids. Read more

The Very Present Future

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