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Map of the Call de Barcelona. Photo by Pere López.

Small numbers of Jews may have arrived in Barcelona soon after 70 C.E. as part of the wave of migrants arriving in Europe fleeing Roman repression in Palestine. They settled in what became known as El Call. Read more



Rupit Village. Photo by Tara Shain.

Cracking the history of Rupit - discover the must see sights of this out-of-the-way medieval village. Read more

Weekend away

Refugi Antiaeri 307 interior

Photo courtesy of Biblioteca MUHBA.

Air raid shelters like Refugi 307 helped protect people from the 194 total air raids carried out over the city during the Spanish Civil War. Read more


Turo de la Rovira

Photo by Carol Moran

Far from the city centre, Turó de la Rovira has provided both shelter and security to Barcelona residents Read more


  • Casa-Rural-con-Encanto-Lleida-5-700x500.jpg
  • Pedralbes Monastery

    Pedralbes Monastery

  • Poblat Ibèric del Puig Castellar.

    Photo by Enfo.

    Poblat Ibèric del Puig Castellar.

  • Vallbona de les Monges

    Photo by Isidre Blanc

    Vallbona de les Monges

    Vallbona de les Monges

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