Health Care

In Spain, there is a public, universal health-care system that is available to all Spaniards funded by taxes. But, did you know that if you are an expat you can also be covered by this health-care system? Read more


Mental health is incredibly important. We openly acknowledge the mind-body connection and may even seek balance in our daily lives. But what happens when something goes wrong, when balance is not achieved? Read more


Gestalt Therapist Emma Ruiz and Associate Certified Coach Goldie Uttamchandani discuss the stigma that surrounds the conversation of mental health and the best ways of addressing it in our community. Read more



Cole Ingersoll and Jamie Fulcher. Photo by Diana Delgado Pineda.

Jamie and Cole’s story is about more than just healthcare. It’s about actual care — and just like love, that’s something you can’t buy, no matter where you live. Read more


Javier de Orca's startup, IOMED, is tackling inefficiencies within the healthcare system. Read more

Business & Working

At this new healthcare centre in Sant Gervasi you will find English and French-speaking medical professionals. Read more


Not sure which health insurance company to use. Here's a handy list to help you decide. Read more

A tried-and-tested guide to eating out in Barcelona for those with food allergies and intolerances. Read more


An inside look at mental well-being in the city and the challenges faced by foreign residents. Read more


This year marks the Hospital del Mar’s 100th birthday, and the city has been celebrating the centenary with a variety of institutional, scientific and cultural events since last November. Read more


Alternative medicine is increasingly popular in Barcelona, but it is unregulated, unaccredited and excluded from the healthcare system. Read more


If you're sunbathing in Barcelona or just out and about in the sun, read our guide to protecting your skin Read more


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