Harry Stott


Harry Stott

Harry Stott is a regular contributor to the Barcelona Metropolitan covering Brexit, local political and social issues as well as the music scene. He recently received a B.A. in music from the University of Leeds, and now writes and produces radio content for a number of organizations in Barcelona and beyond.


Kickstarter, Copy of Arts. Photo courtesy of Sonar+D.

Alongside the talks and the Sonar360 Dome, there were countless stands with world leading tech innovations on show at Sonar+D. Here’s a pick of our four favorites. Read more


18th cen Port-de-Barcelona,-gravat-francès-del-segle-xviii.-Desconegut---Josep-L.-Roig-Historia-de-Barcelona,-Ed.-Primera-Plana-S.A.jpg

18th Century French engraving of Barcelona Port published in Historia de Barcelona by Josep L. Roig.

In the first of a trilogy on Barcelona’s fascinating urban plan, we take a look at an online tool which lets you view Barna’s history through a series of interactive maps; the insight it gives you into the city’s past is truly remarkable. Read more



Photo courtesy of Sonar.

The audiovisual dome at Sonar 2019 was a bubble of sound and color, where short films were joined by blasting music for an hour long assault on the senses. Read more



European Parliament. Photo by Guilhem Vellut (Flickr).

The results from the recent elections to the European Parliament saw populists rise and the center just about hold: here’s what happened in Spain and the rest of the EU. Read more



Image courtesy of Sónar +D.

Sónar +D showcases how the latest technologies are manifesting within music and the arts. With activities, lectures and—new this year—professionally led masterclasses, Sónar +D is the perfect compliment to sister festival, Sónar. Read more



Photo courtesy of 8bar bikes.

Cycling in Barcelona is getting better year on year, but there are still problems that all city cyclists face. We take a look at how bike-friendly Barna really is, and the people finding solace from the stress of the city on their bikes. Read more



El Camp Nou. Photo by Ayman.antar7 (Wikimedia).

After crashing out of the Champions League and Copa del Rey in quick succession, questions about the soul, identity and future of FC Barcelona are likely to linger over the summer. Read more



European Parliament. Photo by Tristan Mimet (Pixabay).

Elections to the European Parliament take place in Spain on Sunday, May 26. Here’s a summary of what you need to know about what is set to be the most important EU vote in decades. Read more



Sapporo ramen and yokohama ramen on the lunch menu at Ramen Shop. Photo by Tara Shain.

This charming little restaurant is making this writer wish he still lived 30 seconds from its front door. Read more

Restaurant Reviews

This April sees the return of the annual Fira d’Espàrrecs Gavà, a celebration of traditional farming and a humble vegetable with a unique taste. Read more



Congreso de los Diputados, Madrid, Spain. Photo by Luis Javier Modino Martínez (Wikimedia).

As Spain prepares to go to the polls on April 28, we take a look at who’s in the running and tell you a bit about all the major contenders for Spain’s top job. Read more



Mimo Agüero in conversation with Harry Stott. Photo by Jaume García.

Harry Stott interviews Mimo Agüero from Tablao de Carmen. They talk about the Flamenco scene in Barcelona and the figure of Carmen Amaya Read more



Photo by Lassewillken (Wikimedia).

We try to make sense of what on earth has been going on across the English channel, and recap the legal developments that will affect Brits living in Spain. Read more



Sant Andreu. Photo by Adrià Giménez.

Look beyond the Catalan football (aka “soccer”) giants and you’ll find that not only do other passionate, high quality, local football clubs exist here, but they thrive, too. Read more



Photo courtesy of Cahoot Coworking.

Cahoot Coworking's central location in Sant Antoni features unique architecture by Oriol Hostench from Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya. Read more

New in Town


Photo courtesy of Saladstop!

Choose from delicious salad bowls, wraps or create your own dish from scratch and put those days of mindlessly eating deep-fried junk firmly in the past. Read more

New in Town


Photo courtesy of XOC’Olive.

Sustainable, healthy, locally produced food is the order of the day — every day! — at this new café-meets-organic grocery store in Sant Gervasi. Read more

New in Town

Serrano Fine Food specializes in high-quality cured meats and source their products from small scale, local producers who feed their animals natural diets. Read more

New in Town