The Generalitat is the governing body of Catalunya, comprised of three parts— the Parliament, the President of the Generalitat (currently Jose Montilla) and the Executive Council of Catalunya. The Generalitat originated in the late Middle Ages, when it was considered the secondary governing institution after the reigning monarch. The Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya, located in Plaça Jaume, is the original Generalitat building, built in medieval times.

The Generalitat was abolished in the 18th century, and was officially reinstated in 1932, during the Second Spanish Republic. Under Franco, it was once again surpressed, but since the dictator’s death in 1975 and its subsequent reinstatement, the Generalitat has gradually increased its level of autonomous governing. Catalunya now boasts the third highest level of self-government in all of Spain, behind Navarre and the Basque Country regions. The Generalitat’s main areas of jurisdiction are culture, public safety, transportation and commerce. It works closely with the Spanish government in the areas of education, justice and health. There are an increasing number of schools in Catalunya that teach primarily in Catalan.

The next Generalitat election will be held in November 2010.

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Monday 22nd March

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Thursday 29th October

FC Barcelona fail to sparkle in cup game, but manage a win — Catalan men accused of corruption travel to Madrid today — Generalitat president calls for more confidence in politicians Read more

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Tuesday 27th October

Results of public survey about future of Diagonal announced – Poble Sec residents join demands for more civil behaviour – Taxi fares to be frozen in 2010 Read more

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Monday 25th May

Generalitat presents own plan to help car sector - ETA announces new strategy - Corte Inglés run sees 57,000 people take to the city's streets Read more

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Tuesday express

Spanish constructors in serious debt - Catalan government disagrees about media report regarding clash between Mossos and students - Young people take most sick days in Catalunya Read more


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