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Did you know Thomas Aquinas deemed eating breakfast was a sin? Then In 1662 the Catholic Church revised its position. Why? Chocolate! Read more



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Choose from delicious salad bowls, wraps or create your own dish from scratch and put those days of mindlessly eating deep-fried junk firmly in the past. Read more

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Sustainable, healthy, locally produced food is the order of the day — every day! — at this new café-meets-organic grocery store in Sant Gervasi. Read more

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Serrano Fine Food specializes in high-quality cured meats and source their products from small scale, local producers who feed their animals natural diets. Read more

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Espai Kru

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Espai Kru (cru means “raw” in Catalan) pays homage to the humble origins of alimentation and it’s the first restaurant in Spain devoted to raw food. Read more

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With origins that date back two hundred years, ratafia's mysterious blend of fruit, nuts and herbs is now cemented into Catalan culture. We hear from those who are working hard to keep the tradition alive and brewing. Read more


A tried-and-true recipe for traditional Thanksgiving stuffing Read more


An inexperienced cook takes on her first big kitchen endeavor for an international Thanksgiving celebration Read more


New in Town: Patachou

Photo by Diana Delgado Pineda.

Perched among the busy Eixample Dreta blocks between La Pedrera, Sagrada Família and Casa de les Puntxes, this quaint, little spot is just as light and airy as the puffy dough it’s named after: pâte à choux. Read more

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New in Town: 71 Oyster Bar

Photo courtesy of 71 Oyster Bar.

Barcelonians can enjoy fresh oysters from Marennes-Oléron and Normandy at 71 Oyster Bar, alongside a selection of ceviches, tartars and other oceanic treats. Read more

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New in Town: Nacarii

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One of the most exclusive caviars in Europe: Nacarii. Read more

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New in Town: Es Im-perfect®

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The nonprofit group Espigadors and chef Ada Parellada have combined forces to take "ugly" fruits and vegetables and turn them into marmalades, purées, sauces and preserves that are 100% natural. Read more

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New in Town: Poke Kitchen

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The popular Poke movement (pronounced “POH-keh”) has arrived in Barcelona — directly on your doorstep — with Poke Kitchen. Read more

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New in Town: Salitre

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Salitre is a recently opened restaurant in Poblenou run by Bruno Morales with chefs Daniel Armenteros and Sergio Morales who bring dynamic touches to traditional dishes. Read more

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Casa de Tapas Cañota

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Just the place to taste traditional Galician tapas and dishes in a fun and casual atmosphere. Read more

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New in Town: El Árbol Brunch

Photo courtesy of El Árbol Brunch.

El Árbol Brunch, a charming spot on the corner of Aribau and Consell de Cent has opened a second location on Passeig Sant Joan and Casp so you can get your brunch fix on both sides of the Eixample. Read more

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Mahón cheese: these box-shaped cheeses, with their distinctive rounded edges, fold-like markings and beautiful deep orange-gold rinds are one of the gastronomic jewels of the Balearic islands, and have long been so. Read more


Bao Bao

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This popular Asian street food is an unassuming, fluffy little steamed bun stuffed with explosive flavors. Read more

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