February 2019


Sant Andreu. Photo by Adrià Giménez.

Look beyond the Catalan football (aka “soccer”) giants and you’ll find that not only do other passionate, high quality, local football clubs exist here, but they thrive, too. Read more


Nothing warms you on a cold day like homemade soup! Read more


Whether your kids are in school — or aren’t even born yet! — at some point every international family in Barcelona has to think about education. Read more


Coming to Barcelona alone — as an expat or long-term traveler — you face the challenge of building a new life from scratch. Finding a place to live, finding a new job and then there’s finding a new partner or lover... Read more



Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya. Photo by Angel Gallardo.

Following the artist's footsteps through the city's streets Read more



Erika Lust. Photo by Fabrizia.

Meet the feminist filmmaker reimagining adult entertainment Read more



Font de Lleó, Caldes de Montbui. Photo by David Chacobo.

Exploring the ancient thermal waters, moderinsta masterpieces and more in the Vallès Oriental Read more

Weekend away

A guide to renting apartments in Barcelona Read more

Settling In


Catedral de Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia. Pjhoto by Pierre Gronau (Wikimedia).

Long before her name became associated with a 175-year-old Barcelona-based fashion brand, Santa Eulàlia was widely known as young Christian martyr. Read more



Streetlife: Carrer de Badajoz. Illustration by Tara Shain.

You know you’re on Carrer de Badajoz because you can see the obelisk for the Nova Icària beach looking towards the sea and Torre Glòries (or as my friends call it, el pepino as in “cucumber” among other things...) Read more



Photo courtesy of Cahoot Coworking.

Cahoot Coworking's central location in Sant Antoni features unique architecture by Oriol Hostench from Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya. Read more

New in Town


Photo courtesy of Saladstop!

Choose from delicious salad bowls, wraps or create your own dish from scratch and put those days of mindlessly eating deep-fried junk firmly in the past. Read more

New in Town


Photo courtesy of XOC’Olive.

Sustainable, healthy, locally produced food is the order of the day — every day! — at this new café-meets-organic grocery store in Sant Gervasi. Read more

New in Town

Serrano Fine Food specializes in high-quality cured meats and source their products from small scale, local producers who feed their animals natural diets. Read more

New in Town

With its short, cold days, this season can cause many changes to everyday mood and energy levels. Compound this with struggling as an expat and it’s no wonder that the months following Christmas are often some of the most difficult. Read more



Photo courtesy of Emma Ruiz.

Emma Ruiz, Spain, Gestalt Therapist, COO and Co-founder at Silum, Trainer Read more

Business & Working

February means it’s time for the Oscars in the U.S. and the Goyas in Spain. Here’s where to watch movies in English on Barcelona’s big screen. Read more

Things To Do 1 Comments


Photo courtesy of Espai Kru.

Espai Kru (cru means “raw” in Catalan) pays homage to the humble origins of alimentation and it’s the first restaurant in Spain devoted to raw food. Read more

Quick Bites


Photo by Calafellvalo (Flickr)

Many believe Romesco hailed from a recipe that dates back to the Roman stronghold of Tarraco (modern-day Tarragona), making it one of Europe’s oldest sauces. Read more


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