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Jodie Sclare and Josh Bumgardner explain how their language centre FunTalk was created, and prove that learning a language can be fun. more


The CEO of shares his experience of registering and financing his businesses in Barcelona. more

Goldie Uttamchandani explains why she became a life and youth coach, and how she helps young foreigners in Barcelona. more

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Tony Anagor is the founder and CEO of Lifestyle Barcelona, a company that has organised activities and corporate events in Barcelona since 2003. more

Alicia Verdugo takes us through her journey of ophthalmology and founding her clinic her in Barcelona. more

The Australian chiropractor shares his reasons for moving to Barcelona in 2015, and how the city is becoming more familiar with the benefits of chiropractic. more

Emma Ruiz shares her background on becoming a Gestalt Therapist in Barcelona. more

Benedicte Taillard tells us about her experience of setting up her natural therapies and personal development businesses in Barcelona more

Isaac Chao of Lux Group talks about setting up his nightclub promotion business in Barcelona. more

Tom Deforce, founder of sustainable architecture company, EcoLAB CanNova talks about how and why he created the company. more

Business & Working

Veronica Mesuraca talks to us about setting up her business as a personal branding coach. more

Salvatore Mazza, founder of La web del Born, shares his entrepreneurial journey. more

Barcelona resident and professional life coach, Sam Mednick, answers your questions on life in the city. more



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We chat to Noel Sheehan, co-founder of Barcino Brewers. more


Toby Paramor tells us about his experience setting up and running Stoke Travel, a surf, festival and events business. more

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