December 2019


Chiogor Constance Ikokwu.

Founder of the African Press Club, Nigerian born Chiogor Constance Ikokwu is getting a PhD on the role of media in elections and offers a blog with African perspectives. Read more



Photo by Garry Kinght (PD).

“Praise be to Nero's Neptune, the Titanic sails at dawn / Everybody's shouting, "Which side are you on?!” Read more



Photo courtesy of Círculo del Liceo.

Following their fantastic talk with American Poet Karen Swenson, we spoke to the Vice Chairman of Barcelona’s historic Círculo del Liceo to learn more about the talk, the author and some reflections of art in general. Read more


The Elevator Pitch at the service of your business today and tomorrow. Read more

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The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, photo by Johan Broberg (CC BY 2.0).

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band set alight Sala Razzmatazz with their New Orleans style groove last month at the Barcelona Jazz Festival—read our review of this phenomenal brass ensemble's performance. Read more

Previews and reviews


Harry Stott interviews Francisco Gaudier Fargas and José Garcia Reyes at the Círculo del Liceo.

The Círculo del Liceo is one of Barcelona’s oldest and classiest clubs, welcoming members to their stunning building next to the Teatre Liceu since 1847. We spoke with the club’s President and Vice-President to find out some more about it. Read more


Financial Advisor Barry Davys discusses key strategies to saving during a period of long-term, low interest rates in Spain. Read more

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"War of Art" directed by Jørund Pedersen. Image courtesy of DART film Festival.

"War of Art" shows a group of Western artists’ attempt to build bridges between themselves and some North Korean peers. Whether they achieve that is debatable, but the film’s success in showing it is not. Read more

Previews and reviews


Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, participated in "Volem acolllir," a demonstration in support of Barcelona's efforts to welcome refugees (Feb 2017). Photo courtesy of the Ajuntament de Barcelona (CC BY-ND 2.0).

In the second piece in this series on Spain’s experience of Europe’s migrant crisis, we assess how Barcelona specifically has been affected by it. Read more

City Matters


Once the holidays have passed, remember to give your tree new life by recycling it!

For years it has seemed that Christmas has gone hand in hand with excessive consumerism, but that doesn't have to be the case—your holidays can be as sustainable as you want to make them! Read more


SKFK, photo by Inés R.-01.jpg

SKFK, photo by Inés R.

Barcelona is host to a number of shops offering gifts made by local designers and craftspeople with sustainable or recycled materials—here's our pick of the top six. Read more



Smart Cities Expo 2019, photo by Kate Williams.

Previews and reviews


People's Vote March 2018, British in Europe. Photo © UserColin, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0).

In this week’s En Profunditat we speak to three expat groups formed to protect the rights and futures of British citizens living in Europe, as well as look ahead to next week’s election in the UK, a pivotal moment in Britain’s post-Brexit history. Read more



"A Bigger Splash" film still, courtesy of Contemporary Films London 56.

Jack Hazan’s 1974 film on British artist David Hockney blurs the lines between fact and fiction. But does presenting the truth in a documentary matter? Read more

Previews and reviews

Our devices are getting better and better at monopolizing our attention, with detrimental effects on our wellbeing. Fortunately, there’s an increasing number of resources out there to help you take back control. Read more



Amelia Johannsen in her studio.

Amelia Johannsen is a full-time ceramic artist who also supports her local creative community via an online magazine dedicated to the local art scene. Read more

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February means it’s time for the Oscars in the U.S. and the Goyas in Spain. Here’s where to watch movies in English on Barcelona’s big screen. Read more

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