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I arrived in Barcelona over a year and a half ago, and in that time I’ve blossomed from a camera wearing, map clutching tourist (no socks and sandals please) into a beautiful, um, guiri... Read more

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Learning a new language is difficult, and although for some people it seems to come as naturally as nodding off on the metro (what’s that, you speak 8 languages?)... Read more


1. Do- Hang out in Raval If you’re capable of getting out of bed and putting on anything that even resembles clothing then you’ve completed half the battle. If you’re going to hang out anywhere it must be Raval. Read more

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1. The Gossip Women. Women love to talk. I come from Liverpool, a place where women talk almost continually without stopping for air. All at the same time. All about different things. Read more


In a city where nobody can even pronounce my own name (‘¿Dawn?’ ¿Como abajo?) the language barrier has become a common occurrence in my daily life, one which I now welcome with open arms and, more often than not, a childish snigger. Read more

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Hot town, summer in the city! Well… not quite yet, but the words ‘beach’ and ‘roof terrace’ are gradually beginning to creep into conversation, and today I caught a little whiff of that Barcelona summer smell that envelopes the city during the season Read more

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I had pre-conceived visions of what my life as a TEFL teacher would be like; in my daydreams I was teaching knowledge thirsty teenagers who all admired my quick wit and style. They all viewed me as a cool foreigner (which I am in all my daydreams) Read more

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