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A view of Barcelona from El Poble-sec. Photo by Oh-Barcelona (CC BY 2.0).

Roughly 20% of Barcelona's registered residents were born outside Spain. As they assimilate into Barcelona, they play an increasingly important role in building companies, sharing traditions and enriching our global city. Read more



Members of the #TrashTribe from the organization Pure Clean Earth participate in beach cleanups in Barcelona and Sitges every weekend, regularly collecting several kilograms of garbage in just one hour. Photo by To Tadej Hrastovec, his Instagram is: tadejhrastovec.

En Profunditat is a new bi-weekly podcast from Barcelona Metropolitan, focusing on the biggest stories we have been covering recently. "En Profunditat" means in depth, and this is precisely what we’ll be doing, delving deep in the major issues. Read more

City Matters

Barcelona offers residents a welcoming environment to know the city and establish new personal and business relationships. Read more


Barcelona Business Services make what should be difficult plain sailing—setting up a business in the notoriously tricky Spanish system. If you’re looking for administrative help with your startup, look no further... Read more

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The Black Line Productions team.

Barcelona has stories lurking around every corner; it’s BlackLine Productions’ job to uncover them. Prapti Mittal, Harriet Davies, Ben Appleton and Roman Weston work day and night to tell those stories. Read more

Business & Working

Want to reprogram your brain? Don’t we all. Neuro Linguistic Programming can help you learn to better organize the stimuli coming into your mind and adapt your thinking in any situation. Read more


What is it? How do you do it? What are the risks and the benefits? If you’re thinking about becoming autónomo in Spain, these are the key things you need to know. Read more

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The African Press Club is an international community of journalists whose mission is to inform, inspire and connect people across the world. We spoke to their founder to see what it is all about. Read more



G-TCDX A321 Thomas Cook Lanzarote. Photo by Rob Hodgkins (CC BY-SA 2.0)

As if things could get much worse for Brits in Europe, now many are stranded on their holidays after travel company Thomas Cook collapsed this week. Here’s everything you need to know. Read more



Banksy on Brexit, mural detail.

Parliament suspended, another election round the corner… It’s been another chaotic summer in the UK. Here’s a breakdown on what on earth has been going on. Read more



Crowd in in front of the Supreme Court at the Gerrymandering Rally on October 3, 2017. Photo by Slowking (GFDL v1.2).

Gerrymandering is a scourge on US politics that sees both Republicans and Democrats redraw legislative districts to tip the scales in their favor. Here’s how and why the people at the top do it, and what you can do to lobby against it. Read more



Boes e Merdules. Photo by Boa Campbell.

The FiraMediterrània Manresa returns for its 22nd year celebrating Mediterranean performing arts. Local artists take to the stage with numerous artists from across Spain, as well as France, Italy and Macedonia to highlight Mediterranean creativity. Read more


Protecting Barcelona precious urban plan is one of the main issues the city faces today. So to assess Barcelona’s present, we must look to how it is maintaining it’s past. Read more



Platja San Sebastian, Sitges. Photo by Victor (CC BY NC ND 2).

There’s a reason why so many people choose to leave the bustle of Barcelona for the small town charm of Sitges. In fact, there are several… Read more



Andrew Funk and Victor Horcasitas.

Homeless Entrepreneur has helped turn around the lives of twelve homeless people in Barcelona. Its next goal is to do the same for one hundred people and the organization needs your help. Read more


The tendency for girls to choose humanities over science & tech means they risk being left behind in the digital era, and numerous Barcelona initiatives are scrambling to try to reverse the situation. Read more



The "Trash Tribe" poses with the result of their efforts of one hour of beach cleanup along Barceloneta Beach. Photo courtesy of Pure Clean Earth.

The enormous amount of plastic debris collecting on the city’s beaches is what convinced British expat Daniel Reynolds that he needed to do something, so he started the Pure Clean Earth organization to help tackle the problem in Barcelona. Read more


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