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Photo courtesy of Teatro Regio Torino.

Our reviewer calls this production of Rossini's early opera at the Liceu "a must for anyone who wants charm, laughter and playful music. I could go back many times and get the same enjoyment out of this cheery production." Read more

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Fira de l'Avet

Treat yourself to a trip outside the city and venture to these regional town holiday markets to find gifts for everyone on your list. Read more

Best of Barcelona


Caga tiós. Photo by Joan C.G.

Two reasons why Christmas in Catalunya is the sh*t Read more


PASTA 01.png

Like giant macaroni, "galets" are the traditional noodle used in the "escudella" soup. (See #2 for more.)

As the Bing Crosby classic song goes, “It’s Christmas time in the city ...” but he probably wasn’t talking about the Catalan capital. Here’s a handful of local traditions that you’ll encounter this time of year (“Nadal”) in Barcelona. Read more

Things To Do

263. streetlife carrer dels canvis nous 01.jpg

Carrer dels Canvis Nous

Back in the Middle Ages, this romantic stretch of El Born near the water was where Barcelona’s "canvistes" (money changers) did their business. Since then, the area has undergone many "canvis" (changes) of its own and now it’s home to fine leather sh Read more



Ian Gibbs. Photo by Diana Delgado Pineda.

The New Year is on the horizon and with it, the annual resolutions. If improving your language skills is on your list of things to tackle in 2019, this might be a good place to start. Read more



“2001: A Space Odyssey,” directed by Stanley Kubrick (1965-68; GB/United States). Film still. © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

On the heels of its success in cities worldwide, including Paris and Los Angeles, the highly anticipated Stanley Kubrick retrospective arrives in Barcelona. Read more

Previews and reviews


Energy Balls

At this time of the year, with the seemingly endless errands to run before the festivities we could all use some extra energy. These gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free treats are ideal to indulge your sweet tooth. Read more



Feria de abril at elrow. Photo courtesy of elrow.

From its humble beginnings as a small café, the Arnau family empire has grown into the behemoth now known as elrow. Read more



Making the traditional ratafia. Photo by Anna Fuster.

With origins that date back two hundred years, ratafia's mysterious blend of fruit, nuts and herbs is now cemented into Catalan culture. We hear from those who are working hard to keep the tradition alive and brewing. Read more



Aqüeducte de les Ferreres (Pont del Diable). Photo by Tara Shain.

There’s Tarragona the city and Tarragona the municipality, but how much do you know about Tarragonès the county? Read more

Weekend away


Castell de Rocafort, Pont de Vilomara i Rocafort. Photo by Carlos Iborra.

The "comarca" of Bages (pronounced “BAH-jehs”) is central to Catalunya in both location and its place in Catalan culture, offering countryside and many towns to explore near the stunning Montserrat mountain range. Read more

Day Trips

Driving down fuel costs Read more

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A Day in the Life: Spencer Hall. Photo by Diana Delgado Pineda.

Spencer Hall arrived in Barcelona three years ago. Inspired by the city’s architecture, installations and more, he has since been getting in touch with his creative side and is now creating eclectic tables from extraordinary objects in his workshop. Read more

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Tortell de Reis (Kings' Cake). Photo by Rebecca T Caro.

Commonly believed to have originated in Old World France and Spain, the "tortell de Reis" (kings’ cake) is a much-loved holiday tradition in Catalunya and beyond. Read more



Amy Holden. Photo by Todd Pacey.

Amy Holden urges EU expats to use their voting rights Read more



Ian giving a talk on Learning-Centered Teaching at CIC Cultural Institute. Photo courtesy of Ian Gibbs.

53-year-old Ian Gibbs came from Sheffield to Barcelona in 1990 as an English teacher. He’s now an author, speaker, coach and owner of IPA Productions, an educational theater company. Gibbs lives in Collserola and works in La Teixonera. Read more

Business & Working

A traditional, no-frills recipe for cranberry sauce for your Thanksgiving table. Read more


An inexperienced cook takes on her first big kitchen endeavor for an international Thanksgiving celebration Read more


  • Can Fisher tapas

    Photo courtesy of Can Fisher

    Can Fisher tapas

  • Can Fisher oysters

    Photo courtesy of Can Fisher

    Can Fisher oysters

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