April 2009

Every April 23rd, Catalunya celebrates love and remembers a man who killed a dragon. Read more

FEATURES 1 Comments

Andrew Davis

Photo by Lee Woolcock

Head of the Generalitat's delegation to New York. Anglo-American, 35. Read more


English in schools

Photo by Lorenzo Vecchia

Can Catalunya's schools become trilingual? Read more


Petit Comité

Photo by Patricia Esteve

Petit Comité comes with a big advance billing, but the combination of small servings and high prices doesn’t bode well Read more


Chocolate Museum shop

Photo by Nancy Todd

Barcelona has a wide range of museums and their shops are a great place to find unusual gifts Read more

Things To Do 1 Comments

Deirdre Field

Photo by Suzannah Larke

Meet four foreign residents who've taken life-changing courses here Read more

LIVING 1 Comments

The area of Alta Anoia isn't far from Barcelona, but it's like being in another world Read more


For those who want to give their minds some exercise this summer, there's plenty on offer Read more


A lot of money has been invested recently in improving Barcelona's flower trade. Read more


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