Alice Ross

From the archive: We look at lending a hand in Barcelona more

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From the archive: Back in 2007, Alice Ross looked at Spain's growing addiction to cocaine more


Barcelona Cemetries

Antonio Leal

From the archive: Discover Barcelona's most mysterious spots to get your thrills and chills this Halloween more


From our archives: wine and ruins wait to be discovered in the little-travelled area of Priorat more


Who stole the music

Archie Macias

In this November 2007 feature, we looked at whether Barcelona's clubs are stuck in a techno-beat more


This article introduces two long-term residents who found that the best way to write about Spain was in bite-size pieces more


Camp Nou of the future

Foster & Partners

The proposed expansion of the Camp Nou stadium, designed by Norman Foster, has faced challenges from neighbours more


All together again

Carlos Olive

In December 2007, the city was home to a growing number of bands fusing Catalan, Arabic and Jewish music more


Winging it

Photo by Rafa Rayes Lopez

Build it and they will come - and the huge new airport addition will give them lots of room more


Bicing, the city’s plan to put more bicycles on the streets, was well-received at its inauguration. Almost too well more


Music festivals abound during the summer, both in Barcelona and all across the country; learn more in this May 2007 article more


An April 2007 article about a huge private art collection opening to the public more


Car sharing

Photo by Patricia Esteve

If you only use a car a few times a month, why pay to have it all the time? more