Atelier Cafe BCN

Bajo 2 Plaza del Surtidor 4, 08004 Barcelona

Bajo 2 Plaza del Surtidor 4, 08004 Barcelona

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What is Atelier Café BCN?

Atelier Cafe BCN is a physical and online space for introducing alternative voices to art audiences in Barcelona and around the world.

Atelier artists examine the role of artistic identity in art by weaving their stories into their work, living simultaneously inside and outside of their art.

Atelier Cafe BCN promotes artists whose work explores contemporary issues, materials and technology, and retain a personal fingerprint through the execution of their craft.

Located in Poblesec, Barcelona, Atelier Cafe BCN is an artist studio and a flexible space for exhibitions, performances, life drawing and multi-sensory experiences all in the setting of a local cafe.

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