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Both origins (Top shop and simply the English word 'top') are quite likely to be real, and I am positibe we could still encounter some other ones. For example, I think in Spain the "top" is more likely to come from the "ranking" idea, as in the TOP albums or tracks in music lists. Maybe we should google it.

Andreu more than 6 years ago


Popular terms and expressions like that one do not quite often have very-well known roots. In order to stablish the origin of "top manta" we should look for the very first time someone used it, and I do not think that can be accomplished. I can think of different cases, some of them even held to court, where the origin of an expression, name, or image could not be stablished or it was agreed that there were several origins.

Andreu more than 6 years ago


Top manta comes, quite simply, from the English word "top" because the vendors sell their wares on top of the "manta", or blanket. Nothing to do with Kate Moss and Top Shop.

anon more than 6 years ago

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