Recipe: Alpujarran Wild Boar Stew

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Wild Boar Stew

Thanks Tara,I will certainly try that.
Happy New Year to you Yvonne

Yvonne wales more than 6 years ago

Wild Boar Substitute

Dear Yvonne.

Thanks so much for your comment. My apologies for the late reply (I've fallen rather behind over Christmas). I would recommend either using stewing steak - something with a little fat and sinew is definitely beneficial, or venison if you can get that.

Pork, and certainly mass produced pork, isn't a good substitute as it's just too light for the depth of flavours in these ingredients.

Thanks so much for writing. Happy cooking.


Tara more than 6 years ago

Wild Boar Stew

Dear Tara. Wild Boar is impossible to get in Central Victoria so what do you suggest as a substitute. The recipe sounds delicious and I would like to try it
regards Yvonne

Yvonne wales more than 6 years ago

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