Civil War

Refugi Antiaeri 307 interior

Photo courtesy of Biblioteca MUHBA.

Air raid shelters like Refugi 307 helped protect people from the 194 total air raids carried out over the city during the Spanish Civil War. Read more


A guide to Catalunya’s national day on September 11th. Read more


On July 5th Barcelona will commemorate George Orwell and his efforts to quell social injustice. Read more



Photo by Josep Maria Contel i Ruiz

Another Civil War shelter is discovered beneath the barri of Sant Andreu. Read more


97-year-old Ernesto Carratalá recounts his memories of the Spanish Civil War. By Jamie Melbourne-Hayward Read more


Barcelona after the Spanish Civil War

Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona. Photographer: Pérez de Rosas

Barcelona has embarked on a major project to show life as it was here after the Spanish Civil War Read more


Turo de la Rovira

Photo by Carol Moran

Far from the city centre, Turó de la Rovira has provided both shelter and security to Barcelona residents Read more


Homage to Catalonia

Image courtesy: Penguin Group

Published exactly 75 years ago, George Orwell’s 'Homage to Catalonia' has become a classic but its beginnings were anything but auspicious Read more


While the Spanish Civil War raged on, foreign journalists joined forces to tell the story of the destruction Read more


Air Raid

Photo courtesy of Arxiu fotogràfic del Centre d'Història Contemporània de Catalunya

This month marks the 75th anniversary since air raids started on Barcelona, and a new strategy of modern warfare was born Read more

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Joan Pujol has been described as the greatest double agent of World War II, proving wars are won with brains as well as bombs Read more


This article explains how you can follow George Orwell's footsteps into Aragon. Read more


An estimated 275,000 Spaniards went into exile during the Spanish Civil War. Many of them never returned. Read more

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  • Refugi Antiaeri 307, interior

    Photo courtesy of Biblioteca MUHBA.

    Refugi Antiaeri 307, interior

  • Refugi Antiaeri 307 interior

    Photo courtesy of Biblioteca MUHBA.

    Refugi Antiaeri 307 interior