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Buskers Festival

I find it interesting that Lucy Wright comments "a constant presence on the street corners and the sweltering, underground warrens of the metro, is the ubiquitous busker; they’re a permanent fixture." without differentiating between those who try to earn a living daily in Barcelona (the permanent fixture) and those regarded as providing for the Buskers Festival a "diverse line-up of international artists" who 'will be filling the 'spots' of the festival (if not a permanent BCN fixture perhaps we should label them itinerants).
For a true Barcelona event why not bring together the very best of the existing street buskers who already represent a cross mix of international culture? The reputation of buskers on the streets of Barcelona has survived relatively untarnished over the past few years despite the heavy handed police actions against musicians plying their trade legally with properly obtained licences. Its a real shame that the talent available in the City will not be brought together for the benefit of this minority sector of the Arts in Barcelona, a minority who daily bring an enormous amount of pleasure to the everpresent influx of tourists.
So Lucy, how about an article featuring our street musicians?

Alan Broadbent more than 5 years ago

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