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On the head!

Lauren's spot on - the boys were a little "too cool for school" with none of the Glastonbury-headlining humour, but an intense barrage of Humbug interlace with most of the witty anthems more than pleasured the mixed crowd of students & cosmopolitan older musos. Top marks boys but for God's sake Alex don't turn into a "Liam"...

Graeme Williams more than 6 years ago

monkey spunk

The concert was pretty kickin, but the wait was a bit too long as the doors opened at 7ish and the monkeys didn't start till 10, a wait a bit too long...
It was a good night. and I will go aigain if the comeback, but I missed a few old song too get me really groovin, "From the ritz tooo the rubble" is a favorite and, I didn't hear it.
But overall it was a worth it.

Liam McGurk more than 6 years ago

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